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Through this article, I wanted to share with you a Gantt chart I developed on Microsoft Excel. There are multiple reasons why I wanted to do so :

  1. Why should we pay a MS Pr**** licence and use only few functions of it
  2. Excel files are becoming standard in the industry and your window person will for sure not struggle opening an Excel file
  3. I like Excel ! It’s much more user-friendly than other software programs
  4. And maybe most motivating reason : I didn’t find a free Gantt chart I really liked on the web !

Just before I share with you link to the file, hereafter some customer expectations I considered :

  1. Free from Visual Basic macros : main reason is to make people downloading this file confident that there are no viruses or spyware.
  2. Easy to use / user-friendly : including the way you add & remove tasks or sub-tasks
  3. Accurate : the chart should reflect user intention/input
  4. Free download !

Download latest version:

To download the file, click on the link below :

Version 6.2 (bêta) – Minimum Excel 2007 :

Version 4.1 – Excel 2003 : :

Tutorial file is available in the following link :

Presentation Video (apologies for the accent ! ):

Screenshot version 6.2 (Excel 2007 and above):

Screenshot Gantt Chart (Version 6.2)

Screenshot version 4.1 (Excel 2003):

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Version 6.2: https://www.box.com/s/tn3cjibwbuu15r56n04s
Version 4.1 : http://www.box.net/shared/jl0c6yy8qa
Version 4: http://www.box.net/shared/jl0c6yy8qa
Version 3: http://www.box.net/shared/tk38gpgiooVoir le screenshot

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19 commentaires pour [Download] Free Excel Gantt Chart

  1. Leonardo Massarelli dit :

    Hi, I don`t get to change the working days for only 5 day…. It always stay with the 7 days week. What is wrong?

    • Anass Am. dit :

      Hi Leonardo,

      Which Excel version are you using ? Excel 2007, 2010, 2003?


      • Leonardo Massarelli dit :

        Hi, I`m using Excell for MAC 2011…. The options for working day doesn`t work.

    • Anass Am. dit :

      Thank Leo for your feedback. I must apologies, I did not try this chart in Mac plateform during my error-proof trials.

      At a first glance, I can say there is a difference on how Windows & Mac handle dates : Windows reference date is 1/1/1900 and Mac is 1/1/1904.

      It is reported on the net that the formula « WORKDAYS » is impacted by this difference (see: http://groups.google.com/group/microsoft.public.mac.office.excel/browse_thread/thread/7f5b4222cc3a263c).

      1) I would need to get hold of a mac to make some trials and fix the bug. If the bug is consistent, a simple tweak on the formula would solve it. Best case, I will find a formula that fits both Win & Mac. However, getting a mac may take me some time and therefore I can’t promise quick fix.

      2) As a quick fix, may I suggest you to change the date system to the 1900 system (Go to Preferences/Calculation, uncheck the 1904 date system checkbox). Please let me know if it worked and if you have any side effects. In parallel I will work on item #1.

      Apologies again for all fans of Mac :)


  2. Leonardo Massarelli dit :

    If I uncheck this what is the possible problems in my mac?? Do you know ?

  3. Zvezdoros dit :

    My first post! :)

  4. Leonardo Massarelli dit :

    Hi, I changed my 1900 system for mac and din`t get any difference. Do you have any other way to try?

    • Anass Am. dit :

      Hello Leonardo,

      I need to have a look at it with mac. As soon as I have a reply, I will post it.

      Apologies did not check that major plateform during the error-proof.


  5. Tom dit :

    Sorry, but I downloaded the « latest version » from the link above, and it turned out to be in French, not English. I could work with that, but I am not so sure about my colleagues.

  6. anu dit :

    I think there is an option to choose English! I was able to choose, however, there are no bar graphs appearing on my Gantt chart and so am a bit disappointed, is it because I am using Excel 2010, please help!

  7. mirikwrites dit :

    Hi, just wondering if you have fixed the 5 day workday issue? I’ve tried unchecking the 1904 date system option but didn’t make any difference. Cheers, Miri.

  8. Frazer dit :

    The Gantt Chart in Excel looks very nice. I can be able to download the French version. Unfortunately I can’t read it. Pls advise how to download the English version.

  9. Anass Am. dit :

    Dear all,

    Thank you for all your support and comments about the Gantt Chart which is available as free download in my blog. Already 100.000 downloads « … and still couting :-D ».

    Unfortunately, I could not reply to all your questions these last months. However, I preciously kept all of them and considered each one when elaborating this new version.

    I hope you will appreciate this new version which is available at : https://gestionprojetauto.wordpress.com/2010/12/09/download-free-excel-gantt-chart/ (make sure you download the version 6.2 and not the previous one).

    Seen the amount of introduced improvements, this version is still bêta. I invite you to share with me any issue or comment or comment you may have about this template.

    Thank you.

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  11. longan dit :

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  12. MM dit :

    How can I download this in the English version? The links are in other languages.

    Thank You

  13. idariosantos dit :

    I did download version 6.2 and still comes in French. Do you have a link for an English version?

  14. idariosantos dit :

    I got it. Thank you so very much. Great work. Well done.

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